This page is very out of date and may no longer be accurate

The Android operating system is built on top of the Linux kernel and a small number of other GPL components. The GPL requires that vendors either provide the source code to the GPL components with the device, or alternatively to provide a written offer to provide the source code upon request. Many vendors fail to do this. Distributing devices without adhering to the copyright license of the associated software is copyright infringement, and doing so commercially is a criminal act in many countries.

This page attempts to list the known Android tablet (not phone) devices available, along with broad information about the chipset and whether the vendor supplies the kernel source in compliance with the license. The vendor may still be failing to provide source for GPLed userspace components. Such breaches are currently out of scope of this page.

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NameChipsetGPL Compliant?Source
1&1 SmartpadRenesas Emma Mobile 1-SNo
Advent VegaTegra 2Yes Here
Anhub 7Rockchip RK2808No
Anhub 8Freescale iMX 515No
Aoson M500Marvell PXA303No
Apad 7Wondermedia 8505No
Apad 710??
Apad 8Freescale imx 515No
Apad ALTelechips 8902No
Apad E7001??
Apad E7002??
Apad M1001??
Archos 7Rockchip 2808Yes Here
Archos 7 HT v2Rockchip 2818No
Archos 8Rockchip 2808Yes Here
Archos 28OMAP 3630Yes Here
Archos 32OMAP 3630Yes Here
Archos 43OMAP 3630Yes Here
Archos 70OMAP 3630Yes Here
Archos 101OMAP 3630Yes Here
Archos Arnova 8Rockchip 2818No
Archos Arnova 10Rockchip 2818No
Augen Gentouch78Telechips 8902No
Augen Genbook78Wondermedia 8505No
Augen Genbook108Telechips 8902No
B&N NookSamsung S3C6410Yes Here
B&N Nook ColorOMAP 3621Yes Here
BMorn BM790?No
BMorn BM999Rockchip 2808No
Camangi WebstationMarvell PXA303No
CECT ApadWondermedia 8505No
CEM111Infotm X220No
Cherry Mobile A700Qualcomm MSM722No
CherryPal CherrypadTelechips 8902No
Coby MID7005Telechips 8902No
Coby MID7015Telechips 8902No
Cofipad 7Rockchip 2818No
Commtiva Link N700Qualcomm MSM722No
cPadWondermedia 8505No
Craig CMP 738aRockchip 2818No
Creative ZiiO 7Ziilabs ZMS-08No
Creative ZiiO 10Ziilabs ZMS-08No
Crystalview 7Wondermedia 8505No
CSL Spice MI700Qualcomm MSM722No
Dawa D7Telechips 8902No
Dell Streak 5Qualcomm QSD8250Yes Here
eFun Nextbook Next2?No
eFun Nextbook Next3?No
Eken M001Wondermedia 8505No
Eken M002Wondermedia 8505No
Eken M002SWondermedia 8505No
Eken M003Wondermedia 8505No
Eken M005Wondermedia 8505No
Eken M006Wondermedia 8505No
Eken M008Wondermedia 8505No
Eken M008RRockchip 2808No
Eken M022Rockchip 2808No
Eken M023Rockchip 2808No
Eken M024Rockchip 2808No
Eken M031Rockchip 2818No
Eken M032Rockchip 2818No
Eken M035Infotmic X220No
e-Lectio M5Rockchip 2808No
eLocity A7Tegra 2No
EM51Telechips 8902No
EM71Telechips 8902No
Entourage Edge?Yes Here
Entourage Pocket Edge?Yes Here
EX900Wondermedia 8505No
Firstview 7??
Flat Computing Flatpad??
Gome FlytouchWondermedia 8505No
Gome Flytouch 2Infotmic X220No
Gpad G08Telechips 8902No
Gpad G10Telechips 8902No
Gpad G11Telechips 8902No
Gpad G13Telechips 8902No
Gpad GeforceFreescale imx515No
H701Rockchip 2818No
Haipad M701Telechips 8902No
Haipad M1001Telechips 8902No
Hardtarget ODroidSamsung S5PC110Yes Here
Heropad G701??
Heropad M5??
Heropad M802??
Heropad RK7??
Heropad X5A??
Herotab G802??
Herotab M10??
Herotab MID816??
Huawei Ideos S7?Yes Here
ICan! 7TelechipsNo
ICan! 10Infotm IMAPx200No
idoPAD Maverick 7??
iGoLogic 7Telechips 8902No
iiView Viewpad??
iMiTO iM7Telechips 8902No
Jointech Jand700??
Kaser Net'sGo?No
Kinpad 1600??
Lenpad 7??
Linsay A-1AWondermedia 8505No
LM7Telechips 8902No
Lonpad D7Telechips 8902No
LY-777Samsung S3C6410No
M788Rockchip 2818No
M7003Telechips 8902No
Malata ZpadTegra 2No
Mastone Lifepad I850??
Matricom bSocialWondermedia 8505No
Maylong M-150Wondermedia 8505No
MilkpadRockchip 2818No
Mivvy MIDroid A715Rockchip 2808?
Mivvy MIDroid Q721Telechips 8902?
Moonse APad E7001Rockchip 2808No
Moonse APad E7002Telechips 8902No
Nationite MIDniteOMAP 3530No
Notion Ink AdamTegra 2Yes Here
NupadTelechips 8902No
Olivepad Vt-100Qualcomm MSM722No
Opad M88Telechips 8902No
Panda PadWondermedia 8505No
Panda Pad 2Rockchip 2808No
Pandigital Black Samsung S3C6410No
Pandigital WhiteSamsung S3C6410No
Pearl Touchlet X2??
Phecda P7Telechips 8902No
Plexon 7Telechips 8902No
Pocketbook IQ 701Samsung 6410No
Q-media SurfpadSamsung 6410No
Q-media SurfpadSamsung 6410No
Quantaray MIDPC078??
Rabbit Pad 7Rockchip 2818No
Ramos W7??
Ramos W9??
Ramos T11ADRockchip 2818No
Rock Pad 7Rockchip 2818No
Samsung Galaxy TabSamsug s5pc110Yes Here
Sharper Image LiteratiSrIF Atlas VNo
Smart Devices SmartQ R10Telechips 8902No
Smart Devices SmartQ T7Telechips 8902No
Smart Devices SmartQ V5Telechips 8902No
Smart Devices SmartQ V7Telechips 8902No
Smartbook SurferTelechips 8902No
Spring Design Alex?No
Sylvania tabletInfotm IMAPx200No
Telstra T-Touch?Yes Here
TMD MIDSamsug s5pv210No
Toshiba Folio AC100Tegra 2Yes Here
uPadTelechips 8902No
Utopia Technology APAD??
Velocity CruzSamsung S3C6410No
Viewsonic GtabletTegra 2Yes Here
Viewsonic Viewpad 7Qualcomm MSM722No
Viewsonic Viewpad 10?No
Witstech A81eOMAP 3130No
Witstech A81g??
Wopad 7Rockchip 2818No
Wopad WR701??
WowpadInfotm X220No
XPadTelechips 8910No
XPad X10ATelechips 8902No
YoshimaWondermedia 8505No
Zenithink ZT-180Infotm X220No